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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

53 days until I get married. A long time, and absolutely no time at all rolled up into one. Lots of stuff to do, but I definitely spend more time thinking about (and being overwhelmed by) the stuff I have to do then actually doing it. I'm working all the time, even on my days off like today. I'd love for a day to go by without someone from work emailing/skyping/calling me (and expecting me to reply!)--I definitely do NOT get paid enough to be "on call" always, but I know that part of my personality is never going to let me wait to reply to things that I know really do need to get taken care of asap. For other people at least--my personal sh*t, I could procrastinate forever. :)

Before the wedding (really, before the honeymoon) I'm planning on buying myself a new wide-angle lens. I sold some stock I had that my grandfather bought me when I was kid, so it's like DaDa is buying me the new lens (such a nice thought). Still deciding between a Tamron or Canon lens. Leaning towards the Tamron since it's $250 cheaper...either way, I'll hopefully be able to get some amazing shots with it.

As a wedding gift, Marc and I both got new packs. Soooo amazing, so generous, and we're so excited to try them out! As much as I love my current pack, I've had it for over a decade--it's definitely time for an upgrade!

It's crazy hot out today--soooo appreciating our AC! Not really sure what we'll do next year...but I'm still excited for our awesome new apartment and to stop dealing with all the drama with our current apartment. Our shower's broken AGAIN, and AGAIN our landlord is avoiding our calls instead of dealing with it...

Alright, all for now! Miss you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jerusalem Light Festival

Marc & I went to the Jerusalem Light Festival tonight. So cool, all these artists set up light installations around the Old City (and a couple downtown). So much fun, gonna have to go back another night while it's up.

Had a session of our "chosson and kallah" classes tonight (pre-wedding classes) with Rabbi Avi Poupko, the Rabbi who will be marrying us. Really great, can't wait to learn more with him!

And now it's time for bed so I can wake up in time for work, lol

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Israel is wonderful. I'm totally loving living here. I've settled into a routine with work, we have some wonderful friends, and I'm just loving everything. I can't believe that it's already June-time has been FLYING!

Andy was away for Shabbas, so Friday night Marc made me a delicious dinner, including this awesome dry rub tofu--I had never ever heard of a dry rub before! Spend Shabbas pouring over our guide books, planning out our honeymoon. Going to be so much fun! Assuming we can figure out how to pay for everything, lol... That's the one downside about living here--I've never been so broke in my life! It's amazing what passes for a "good" salary here, lol...It's all good though, we'll figure it out...So back to honeymon plans...I posted a tentative itinerary on our wedding website www.ShoshAndMarc.com if you want to check it out! The rough plan is Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, then Vegas. I've never been to any of them!!! And I can't wait to go camping again, it's been way too long! (other then festival camping, which really isn't the same thing...)

Best news I've heard in ages? Katie's engaged!!! YAY!!!!! So excited, and can't wait to see her so I can give her a proper hug and shriek over her gorgeous ring :)

One of the best things about living here is getting to see everyone when they come visit (hint, hint, to those of you who haven't come over yet!) Linor is here staffing a Birthright trip (with Lior as the tour guide!) so I joined teh group for their Old City tour the other day. It's amazing that I'm still not sick of that place. I'm in the Old City almost every day, and I still have that "ahhhh" moment when I walk up. And I'm loving having the opportunity to help other people have that experience, especially now that our Travellers' Center is open. I get to hear about people's adventures and help them plan their next one every day! And speaking of adventures, Roth's off a new adventure, spending her summer in Peru! I'm loving reading her blog, and can't wait to see all her pics when she gets home! I'm a little jealous, lol...

Allright, well that's all for now! Sorry I haven't been great about keeping in touch, this time difference thing throws me off!

Love from Jerusalem!!

I know, I know, I'm sorry! I promise I'll be better about posting!
But right now I have to go to work, so that promise will have to wait...
All's good here!


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