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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Saw a great new tv show last night, The Black Donnellys. They're showing the first episode again on Thursday night, but in general it's on Mondays. It's not the type of show I typically watch, but I was impressed. The characters are great, plot was good, and the acting was wonderful. Check it out!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

After way too many days of being home sick (and just so no one makes this mistake again, to clarify, that's home space sick, not homesick) I'm finally starting to feel human again. Amazing what a shower and change of clothes can do... The coughing is still driving me crazy, and I wish breathing wasn't painful, but hey, at least it doesn't fell like someone has a clamp on my brain anymore!

Going a bit stir crazy here...Set up a profile on myspace and been spending way too much time finding old friends on there...watching way too much television, listening to Low Stars, trying to plan a trip with Katie to go snowboarding somewhere fun...

Going back to work tomorrow, it'll do me good to leave the house!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Last night Jo & I went to see the Gyuto Monks Tibetan Tantric Choir. The goal was to do something different, maybe a little outside our comfort zone; we figured that qualified.

It was such an interesting experience...Can't really say I enjoyed it all, but I'm glad I went. The crazy part was that really we were watching a service. Like if there was a Rabbi or Cantor up there chanting Kol Nidre. Same type of thing... But it was an interesting sound, something you could feel throughout your body. Great colors, great mix of people in the audience...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Last night I went up to Madison w/Gabe & Zach to go to the Hadag Nachash concert. Great concert, but beforehand was a bit intense...

When we got to Madison before the show we were with Zach's brother and a bunch of other students. People were crossing the street, and this one kid wandered away from the crosswalk and jumped right in front of a car. Baruch Hashem he's okay, but it didn't look like he should have been. Scariest thing I've ever seen, he went flying forward and was lying on the street all crumpled up... It was only for a second and then he moved, but in that second, running towards him, cell phone ready to call 911...So crazy. But anyways, he's okay, so moving on.

Concert was great. Besides Zach & Gabe, Jeff & Jimmy were at the show. Great to see them, slash slightly out of place, not being in Waupaca!

Okay, you have to watch this. Gotta love America...

Shabbat Shalom!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just found this great new band, Low Stars. They sing the theme song to What About Brian, "Calling All Friends." According to their myspace page their album doesn't come out until Thursday in Starbucks, but I just bought it on iTunes...Love it, they have such an amazing sound, great lyrics... Anyways, make sure to check them out ASAP.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Been going non-stop most of the week, so today gets to be a lazy day... Just chillin', watching tv...basically the way my life was before I decided that having two jobs (that combined still don't make me enough money to really pay my bills!) was a good idea... But it's been fun, still been going out and everything, just sleeping a little bit less :)

Last Shabbas I had this awesome Tu B'Shevat Seder at Jo's place. Sooo wonderful, must've had over 35 people in and out of there, including a couple adorable little kids. Great food (although all I did all day was eat, so I couldn't really appreciate the food that much), great singing, people had so many insightful things to say...really amazing.

On Tuesday I went to another Tu B'Shevat deal, a Chabad of Bucktown Jewish Women's Circle thing at Yael & Eli's apartment. We made these fruit basket/flower arrangement things. Mine was ridiculously ugly (kinda looked a little like an alien...) but it was fun! Great group of girls, Yael, Eli, Maya, Itta...can't remember everyone else's names, but they were all great. Hung out there for awhile, didn't end up leaving until after 11!

Started my second job on Tuesday, working at Kiddie Kandids. Fun so far, seems like nice girls that work there. It's out in Schaumburg also, right down the street from Agile, my other job. Makes going between the two easy, but the hours kinda suck (ie, I'll be working a million hours). And now I'm driving out to Schaumburg during rush hour...oy. Seriously, the commute might drive me crazy. I'm gonna need to experiment with a non-expressway route, anything to avoid the crazy Chicago traffic!

Went to dinner Friday night at Louise & Steven's. It was a Makor dinner, but really it was pretty much all people they knew, which was a good thing--those meals can be so awkward sometimes! The rest of Shabbas was good too. The usual, shul, chillin with people, nap time...

Last night I went to this Friends of the IDF wine tasting with Yael. Fun people, the Amys, Robyn, Oren, Ron, Joe, Danny... Afterwards some of us headed over to this bar near Wrigley. Good times, except for my decision to walk home. It's not that far, but it was for sure too cold out slash I desperately could have used a hat!

Exciting plan for this week is going with Gabe to see Hadag Nachash. They'll be in Champaign on Wednesday night, and Madison on Thursday night. I think we're leaning towards Thursday night...I know that's a lot of driving in one day, but it should be good times, it was such a fun concert last year!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Check out this JNF Tu B'Shevat "Rap", hysterical


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