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Thursday, March 31, 2005

As the end of the school year gets super close, I'm getting a little sad about the thought of leaving Ann Arbor. This coming Shabbas is going to be one of my last in Ann Arbor, a sad thought. I know I've left before, and already went through the "sad to be leaving Ann Arbor" stage, but with Mom & Dad moving also, it's a little more real this time. (Side note: anyone needs a place for Shabbas dinner, let me know)

The past few days have been gorgeous out, so I've spent time chilling on the Diag. I love this campus. Especially when it's nice out, and the Diag is covered with people enjoying the weather & each other. Roth & I spent about an hour there yesterday, enjoying the sun. It's been so amazing living with her this year, and it kinda depresses me that I'm not going to see her for awhile. When I leave for Israel, I won't see her until her wedding. Man... Scary thought, yeah?

Walking around Ann Arbor, listening to my iPod is a totally surreal feeling. It's like walking with my own Ally McBeal-esq personal soundtrack deal. Music can completely shape the way we experience things. And since it seems like more than half the people I pass have their own iPods, with their own "soundtracks" playing, it stands to reason that they're experiencing the same sights as me in totally different ways. Are iPods going to change the way people interact on the streets?

Monday, March 28, 2005

"If I could have a pet anything, I'd have a pet M & M. Preferably one that could talk and everything..." ~~Keshet

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Just got back from the O.A.R. concert with Mom. Amazing. Totally amazing. And thanks to my beautiful new camera, I recorded almost the whole concert. And it's pretty good quality, too. Ah, technology... If I can figure out how to post music on my blog, I'll post some of it for you. They ended with this wonderful version of "Crazy Game of Poker" with an intro I hadn't heard before--loved it.

Taanit Esther (the Fast of Esther) is tomorrow (slash in a few hours), and I'm hungry just thinking about it. And then Purim, and here's me without a costume... Anyone have an idea for me?

Friday, March 18, 2005

The weather here is so incredible... Spent the morning on the beach, going back down in a little bit...amazing. I love the ocean...

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

If you're ever in Miami, do NOT go to Kikar Tel Aviv inside the Carriage Club. Went there tonight with Mom & Katie. Ordered a vegetarian stir-fry, ate most of it, found out the idiots put beef in it. And the worst part is, they totally didn't care!! I haven't eaten meat since I was 13, I'm so sick now, and they didn't even care...

Here's the coverage of last night's MSA meeting by the Daily. Not too impressed by it--a little one sided, especially considering the resolution didn't pass. I love how they quoted several of last night's pro-Palestinian speakers, and none of the pro-Israel speakers... right...
"Raucous cheers and applause, as well as numerous parliamentary questions, punctuated the meeting, making it difficult at times for MSA President Jason Mironov to control the large crowd"

I totally disagree. I thought Jason did a wonderful job of controlling the room.

Anyways, off to Florida!

After an insane night of U-M politics, the university will not (despite predictions to the contrary by The Michigan Daily) establish an “advisory committee to investigate the moral and ethical implications" of their investments in Israel, also known as divestment.
25 to 11:
Oh baby...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Tim R. Cohen to Lead Hillel Development Department

Well, it's official. Mom & Dad are moving to D.C. So exciting :) Scary to think about not having them nearby as a safety net, but I'm really happy for them. And Dad is going to do such an amazing job.

As a side note, the article says that Mom & Dad "have four adult children." Really? Really? I'm an adult? Josh is an adult?!! So not ready for that...

This past weekend was the 2nd "Central States Young Judaea Shabbaton" at Tamarack. Went okay... Not a lot of kids, but the kids who came all had an amazing time. And then tomorrow I go to Florida for Shana's wedding. I'm super excited, but it would be so nice to actually be home at some point...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Now before I even write this, I realize that not everyone is going to appreciate it, but it's so crazy that I just had to share...

When I was in Israel at the hostel in Tel Aviv, I met this kid Joshua. He was a Tarot card reader, but he also had these meditation cards with The 72 names of G-d on them. I was feeling like I needed something spiritual, so while he was doing a Tarot reading for someone, I pulled out a card and read the name on it. The card had a three-letter name of G-d, and a meditation to read. Mine was Vav Hey Vav, and the meditation was perfect, exactly what I needed.

Tonight I decided to look up the name, and see if I could find that meditation again. I searched online, and found it. Now here's the crazy part... It was on a website that linked the meditations with horoscopes, and there it was, under Cancer, my horoscope! Now the website is run by some reverend, and I don't even believe in horoscopes, but it still just seemed so...perfect, that I had to share.

This "spiritual stuff" also fits in with the article I'm working on for the JN, on Jewish renewal. Totally fascinating. Tough to describe, but fascinating.

Vav Hey Vav Meditation: “I awaken remorse in my heart for prior misdeeds. I accept the frank spiritual truth that problems in my life are the result of past actions. By concentrating on this Name I will now uproot the negative seeds that I’ve already planted and in doing so I transform my past, reshape the present, and create a future full of joy and fulfillment.”

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Max Fisher, Detroit benefactor, dies at 96

Ann Arbor is so empty right now. Blanketed in snow while most of the students are off someplace warm. It's so beautiful out, but would be nicer if my ankle was better so I could go boarding. I think the season's kinda over for me... Upsetting, but what can I do? Empty house, empty city... Spring break is definitely more fun when you're a student!

Went to see Hitch with Schostak last night. Didn't expect to like it, but it was actual good. The previews made it look like it was going to be pretty stupid, but it wasn't. Just a cute comedy. So I recommend it.

My cousin Ben now has a photo blog--check it out.

Jeff's birthday is today, (so is Hedda's!), so Happy Birthday!


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