randomness...: February 2004

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

"[When I was young] I was the fat kid who forgot her lunch every day."
~My photography teacher

Class last night was uneventful, as usual. It's impressive how my teacher manages to turn such an interesting topic into boring dribble. I almost think I'd be better off (educationally as well as financially) if I had just decided to teach myself rather than take a class. But oh well. At least this way I'm forced to learn the material--otherwise I'd probably just procrastinate and never get to it.

Going to the zoo after subbing today so Jeff & I can take pictures for our class. Not sure what I want to do yet, so hopefully inspiration will strike while I'm there. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I'm at JAMD right now, on a break between classes I'm teaching, and just wanted to share a story from last week.

Last Thursday night, Jeff & I were driving back from Ann Arbor in this horrible snow storm. My car wasn't having any problems, but everyone else seemed to be; we saw so many accidents. It was after midnight, late enough that there weren't too many cars on the road. The first accident we saw was a car flipped on its side in the left-hand lane. There were flares marking it off, but no emergency personnel, so right away we pulled over to make sure everyone was okay. As we stopped, I noticed another car stopping, across the median. As Jeff got out of my car to go see if we could help, a third car stopped.

When we looked in the car, no one was there, so that's not the point of my story. My point is that three separate cars pulled over to see if they could help. In a time when the world seems to impersonal, and it sometimes seems like no one cares, it's so wonderful to see people still worrying about those around them, even on such a horrible night when it might be easier to just worry about getting yourself home, or at most make a phone call, three separate cars all stopped to lend a hand. It was really amazing to see.

Things are going okay with me. I'm incredibly stressed, waiting for paychecks, budgeting money, looking for jobs, but otherwise things are pretty good. Enjoying my photography class, looking forward to Colorado (although I desperately need new snowboard boots and cant really afford them) & actually really liking subbing at JAMD. Great kids... Speaking of which, I should get back to them. That's all for now...


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