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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Shavua Tov!!

Writing on my iBook from the office at CYJ Midwest, courtesy of the new wireless connection here. So awesome. Granted it only works from inside (or directly outside of) the office, but so much better than nothing. Feel much more connected to the world now. Especially since people are always on the phone. Frustrating, but I'm dealing.

Been spending a lot of time thinking, reevaluating things. I need to get back to Israel this year. Even if it's just for a week or so. I'm so jealous of all the tzevet (staff) who are going on Year Course (Young Judaea's freshman year in Israel program) after camp. Nativ seems like it was so long ago, and yet I don't feel that much older than the tzevet about to go on Year Course. kinda crazy... Started reading Exodus, something I've been meaning to do for awhile. Only problem is that it's my friend Adam's copy of the book, so I have to switch off reading when he's not reading it. Meaning it's going to take forever to read, but it's worth it, I guess.

On a totally random note, I'm pretty sure that one of the hermit crabs in the office (there are two of them) is dead... If I cared at all about them, that'd be pretty sad.

Well, it's about that time for me to say good night. Hope everything's good with y'all---drop me a note (or click on "add your comments") to tell me how everything's going. Take care!!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Sorry I haven't posted in so long... First session was great--awesome staff, awesome kids etc. Second session begins in the morning, so I'm pretty excited. My staff seem great, and things seem to be under control. I have half the kids as I had first session (31 compared to 60 first) and only a few less staff. Anyways, here's a picture of my favorite poster at camp that I've been meaning to post all summer. Enjoy!


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