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Friday, March 26, 2004

I've been so busy this week, it's insane. In addition to subbing at JAMD evey day, I had tons of Young Judaea work to do. Two programs this coming Sunday--Hadassah Family Fun Fair and Israeli Dancing--so it's been kinda hectic. Cool article that Shelli wrote about us in the Jewish News Online about the last Israeli Dancing program. It's too bad it wasn't in the printed JN, but better than nothing, right?

Mom & Dad got Josh an iPod mini for his seventeenth birthday. It's silver, and the most beautiful thing ever. I was helping him put songs on it last night, and wow. Soooo cool. Okay, I'll stop drooling. Maybe he'll lend it to me...

Shabbat Shalom!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Yesterday I went with my Dad to put Buddy, our dog, to sleep. As tough as it was, I know it was the right decision. She lived a good, full life. But that didn't make it easier being with her at the vet's. Strange being home without her--makes the house feel really empty. At least she's not in pain anymore, right? And I had time to say goodbye to her, which was really nice. She never ate as well as she did these past few weeks!

On a happier note, this past Sunday Young Judaea went ice skating at Yost Arena in Ann Arbor. Twenty kids came--a definite improvement from the last program. had a great time--although my legs were feeling it afterwards!! Can't wait for Winter Camp this coming weekend...

Watching someone you know on a reality show, is quite the experience. Last night I watched Average Joe: Adam Returns on NBC. A friend from school, Jen Lifshitz, is one of the girls on the show. Totally insane watching her. (For those of you who watched, she was the one in a bright pink dress with a huge smile who told Adam they have matching smiles). I want to know so badly how far she goes, but she had to sign this crazy confidentiality clause and isn't talking. I guess I'll just have to watch, right? Craziness...

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Just had an amazing week in Winter Park, Colorado on the S.T.E.P.S. ski trip. It was gorgeous weather, great people, and some awesome snowboarding. I put up some pictures:check them out. The best part about snowboarding out west (compared to in Michigan) is the scenery. Yes, obviously the fact that the runs are longer than 2 seconds and that I'm not just riding on a garbage heap and that there's actually some incline to the slope is great too, but for me the scenery is really what makes it so spectacular. And you should have seen some of these runs I went down. Totally amazing.

In other news, I've officially (as in, contract signed) decided what I'm doing this summer. I'm going to be at Camp Young Judaea Midwest in Waupaca, WI. I'll be a supervisor for entering 6th and 7th graders--it sounds awesome. I'm really excited about it, but it's also kind of scary to think about going to yet another new camp. I'm sure I'll be fine, though. It's exciting :)


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