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Sunday, May 29, 2005

I leave for camp in a week, and I'm totally not ready. Feeling a little stressed, and totally not ready to leave Ann Arbor. Not ready for camp yet either, just not in the right mindset... I think once I get everything all packed up I will be... Man.

Monday, May 23, 2005

My iBook is back!!! I'm so happy... :) It took Apple all of a day to get my laptop, fix it, and ship it back to me. Amazing.

After the picnic yesterday, I went out for hot chocolate with P.A. and ended up talking for about 4 hours. It was so nice--I'm really going to miss Ann Arbor. Joined up with Jake, Nick, Loren, and lots of sorority girls at Brown Jug. Had a blast, but man am I glad I never did the whole sorority thing. So not my scene... Last night was awesome, though.

Today I spent the afternoon at Planet Rock with Nick & Loren. Climbing was super fun, but I'll for sure be sore in the morning. And now I'm going to go pretend I care about basketball...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My iBook is currently on its way back to Apple so they can try and save my baby, but the amazing thing, is I managed to save all my files. sigh...

Not having a computer is making me feel totally disconnected. I barely check e-mail, I clearly haven't posted--it's killing me. The end of my Israel trip was incredible:

Wednesday, May 11
Yom Haatzmaut was so wonderful. Downtown was such a great scene. Wall to wall people, all celebrating Israel, so patriotic... The most amazing part, was listening to David Broza play in Kikar Tzion, complete with fireworks in tune to Yiyeh Tov. There's no way I can explain how incredible it was... I had gone there with Casey, but I ran into so many people I knew... Then I walked to this reggae thing at this bar and met up with Uri, Hirsch, Eliana, & Blinder. It was so surreal--I felt like I was back on Nativ. Awesome to chill with them all again.

Thursday, May 12
My last day in Israel. Packed, bought some last minute gifts, said goodbye to people... Hung out a bunch with David. It was so amazing chilling with him in Israel. It was an uneventful day, but still great. That night I went downtown with Casey & David, and stayed as late as I could until I started to risk missing my ride to the airport. Let me tell you, part of me just wanted to miss my plane on purpose.

Friday, May 13
At 1:45 am my sherut arrived. In a typical Israel coincident, this kid who had been on my bus to the airport when I went to meet Josh was on my sherut. His name was Natan (Nathan pre-aliyah), originally from D.C., and we ended up hanging out until our planes took off. Gotta love the randomness of Israel...

All in all, my trip turned out very differently than I had first planned. And while if I had known certain things I probably would have done a little more planning in advance, it all ended up amazing. When I got back to the States and checked my e-mail, Ezra had written me "hope it was a smooth trip, and start planning the next one". Sounds like a good idea to me...

back in the States...
And now I'm back in Ann Arbor, coping with my Israel withdrawal as well as my Israel-induced financial difficulties (ie, I'm pretty much broke). Ann Arbor's exciting as ever, even with only a couple of my roomies still in town. Worked an adventure challenge group at Tamarack today for the first time in a year. Kinda nice to be back there, and for sure nice to see everyone.

So until Apple fixes my baby, posting won't really happen, but the Michigan Young Judaea Family Picnic is on Sunday if anyone wants to go...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

So I basically haven't posted in over a week--sorry about that. I'll write what I can now, at least the highlights. (And btw, I just lost half my post, and it was definitely better the first time I wrote it... Oh well)

Tuesday, May 3- Friday, May 6
Playing in J-Town. Did some shopping (so many skirts, so little time...), eating in the plethora of Kosher restaurants, drinking, seeing friends, reading, working on Casey's dreads... Really, a mix of things I consider "playing". Ran into so many people I know, some entirely random, from previous trips here, or just other parts of my life. Totally love it.

Went to Shira Chadasha again. Ran into Dina & Sol there, which was an awesome surprise, then went over to the Merkaz for dinner. Shabbas day, I chilled with Adam, went for a walk, took a nap--normal Shabbas things. Went out with Danny after Shabbas (so fun to see him, but crazy that his dreads are gone) and did the whole town scene.

Sunday, May 8
Met Harry up on Har Hatsofim for coffee, then met Naomi over at the "Send Off Event" for students studying here this year. Clearly I don't fall into that category, but Dad wanted me to check it out, so I went. Naomi's not here on a program either, so both of us felt a little odd being there. Told people we're on PIIP (pronounced "pip"), "Playing In Israel Program." Right... The end of the day-o-ridiculous sessions, was Natan Sharansky speaking & then a Subliminal concert. The concert was amazing. So what that most people there were 18--we had a great time! :)

Went out for dinner with Naomi, and then Casey came over to watch a movie at my place...

Monday, May 9
Went with Casey to volunteer at this amazing place in Jerusalem, Carmei Ha'ir. They call it an "open restaurant," and it does function like a restaurant, with volunteers acting as servers. There's a box near the entrance, where people can deposit whatever amount they chose (or nothing) in return for a hot meal, served to them at their seats. The concept is so incredible... It was my first time doing any time of waiting tables, so it was a bit tough, but amazing. Carmei Ha'ir also makes sandwiches for kids who can't afford them for the 10 a.m. break in schools here. So part of the time Casey & I made sandwiches. It's such an amazing place... (Donations can be sent to: Carmei Ha'ir, P.O.B. 6084, Jerusalem 91060 ISRAEL).

Met Naomi & Dina downtown for lunch/playing/shopping. Ezra got back to Israel that day, so I got to see him.

Tuesday, May 10
Besides lunch with Ronen, most of the day was spent going to the airport to see Josh (he's here now on JAMD's Senior Trip). It was great to see him, but I wish we could see each other more while we're both here...

While I was in the sherut back to Jerusalem from the airport, the siren went off for Yom Hazikaron, Israel's Memorial Day. When the siren sounds, across the country people stop whatever they're doing, and stand at attention in memory of those who have fallen in Israel's wars. This was my first time on a major road during the siren. It was incredible. Granted there were a few cars that continues to drive by, but the vast majority stopped, and stood by their car in silence. Even my sherut driver stopped and stood next to the car, and they aren't exactly known for their patience! It was very powerful to experience...

Wednesday, May 11
There was another siren this morning, and I watched through my window as Emek Refaim stood still. Tonight the somber day gives way to the festive Yom Haatzmaut, Israel's Independence Day. I don't have a specific plan yet, but there will definitely be some celebrating going on.

And then tomorrow night slash early Friday morning I go back to the States. I'm not really ready to leave yet...

As always, this trip was too short.

Friday, May 06, 2005

I don't really have time to write, but Israel is amazing. I've run into tons of people I know, and I'm loving it here. Can't believe I'm leaving so soon...
Shabbat Shalom!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Went to Shira Chadasha Friday night and Saturday morning. I really like that place... It's so different to have a women's section, and yet have women read Torah...But I really liked it. I don't know. I still haven't made up my mind on any of my issues, but it feels good, if that counts for anything.

Had dinner at Josh Ladon's, then lunch by Ronen. Motzei Shabbas (Saturday night) I met up with Sol & Dina, & Dina's family for some chometz (mmmm...pizza) then finally got to see Carms.

Sunday, May 1
Met up with Casey for coffee & to work on her dreads. She got some wax, finally, so they're looking a lot better now. They still need time, obviously, but they're going to be awesome.

Chilled with some kids who live in the Merkaz, watched Oz for the first time--what a crazy show...

Monday, May 2
Moved into Josh Ladon's apartment. I'm subletting it for the rest of my time here. It's this amazing apartment, right on the corner of Emek & Rachel Imeinu (if you know the area). I love it. And it's so nice to have unpacked, and not be living out of a suitcase.

Met up with Dina & this girl Naomi for lunch, and to show them the Merkaz (they're staying there for a bit). Went over to Brovenders to check it out, then over to the shuk for some groceries.

We were standing in the shuk, when Dina said, "is that man having a heart attack?" We turned and this man was walking, clutching his heart. We went over to him, and asked if he was okay, he he needed help, and he kept walking and waving us off. Other people tried, & he kept saying he didn't need help. Finally someone got him a chair, and convinced him to sit down. He was just sitting there, crying, clutching his heart. Dina went to get a soldior, someone called an ambulance, and we kinda stayed with him, not really sure what we could do. This British couple stopped, and were trying to help also, then finally the ambulance came.

So hard to watch someone in that much pain and not be able to do anything to help. And especially with my Hebrew not being where it should be, and forgetting the number for an ambulance (btw, it's 101. MDA picked that since it's the same r-l and l-r). Shook me up a bit. And I have no idea what happened to him, if he's okay.

And now I'm just chilling in "my" apartment, doing some laundry. Going out to eat in a bit, taking advantage of my amazing location.


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