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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween :)
Wore this crazy wig to work today, loved it. No one who saw it knew quite how to react, including the appointments I had today. Definitely made people grin, which was what I was going for.

My neighborhood is quite the scene tonight, everybody out partying it up, wearing awesome costumes. Soon as Shainah gets home from work we're gonna go check it out.

Just watched Kid Nation, this tv show that I love despite my initial reservation about it. I assumed it was gonna be another horrible reality show with a "get voted off the island" type of premise, but it's actually great. The part that bothered me most about it at first was the whole "no adults" line they keep throwing out there, till I realized that CLEARLY there are adults there, so even though they don't usually interfere, they're there in case as an emergency. It's so fascinating watching how the kids solve problems, how they govern their "town," how grapple with religion and money...I know that parts of it are scripted and contrived like with all "reality" shows, but I still think it's crazy interesting to watch.

Still in an awesome mood :)

Monday, October 29, 2007


Had a great weekend. Kimmie & Bryan were in town with the kids, so awesome seeing them. Went downtown with them on Friday, checked out the American Girl store, SOOO cute. Shira's still a bit young for the store, but she has a doll I bought her when Ari was born that she got a new outfit for. But then she lost patience and just wanted to play with the doll, lol. Maybe in a couple years she'll appreciate the store more...
Shabbas in Lakeview was fun as usual, dinner at Shainah & Eli's, shul, the normal activities...then Saturday night Yael & I met up with Kimmie & Bryan. Soooo nice hanging out with them. We just kept reminiscing, telling old stories, teasing Kimmie that we're gonna tell her kids the stories when they grow up...She really didn't think that was funny, lol.

Sunday morning went to the Children's Museum at Navy Pier. Such a fun museum! The kids got to "dig" for dinosaurs, play with water....and better yet the two of them had 8 adults fawning all over them. Not bad, right? And even better, Yael and I didn't have to pay for admission (they let us just go in when we said we were meeting friends). Not that I don't love those kids, but 8 bucks seems a bit steep to watch them play. Afterwards Yael, Ariella, Daniel & I hung out for a bit. Lunch, a little bit of shopping on Michigan Avenue, fun times...

I've been in such an amazing mood lately. Been talking with an old friend a bunch lately, and it just keeps this permanent grin on my face. Not sure yet what it is, but whatever it is I'm loving it. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wow, it has been AGES since I wrote last. Sorry about that...Time just kinda got away from me... After my birthright trip in May, I ended up staffing 2 other trips. All three of my trips were unique, and all were such a great experience. My first 2 trips were with Shorashim, and the third was with Hillel. I gained a new respect for birthright and the amazing things it can do for people. I loved having the opportunity to show people Israel, to show them what I love so much about the country. Hoping to staff another trip in the winter, but still waiting to hear about that.

Started working for a new photography studio a couple months ago. Still finishing up some albums for Agile, but now I spend most of my time at Photo Images. Great studio, been enjoying it. So different from Agile, tons of opportunities to learn.

Oh, I made an online portfolio with pictures if you want to check it out. It needs some work, but it's a start.

Went to a couple shows in the past week. Last night I went to see the Drive By Truckers, and Thursday night went to see the Disco Biscuits. Drive By Truckers was fun, but I gotta say Disco Biscuits put on a great show. Had an amazing night...

Well, I'll try to be better about posting... All for now!


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