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Thursday, February 05, 2009

I know that according to my calendar it's winter, but I've been outside in a t-shirt and jeans the past few days, wishing I was wearing shorts! Crazy, right?

My office is downtown, so everyday after I'm in the Old City I head to Ben Yehudah. It's so fun being right in the middle of everything. They seem to be making progress on the new train, even laying down the tracks, however I'm skeptical that it'll be finished anytime soon. ESPECIALLY since I heard a rumor that the new bridge isn't strong enough to support the trains (at least not with people in them!).

One of my favorite things about being in Israel is how Judaism is just strewn into every day life. I was sitting in my apartment the other day, when I heard this loud music and saw flashing lights. We're talking loud enough that I would have thought it was coming from inside the apartment! So I went to the window, and what did I see? A Torah dedication ceremony heading down the street! There was a truck covered in neon lights blaring music, behind it was people singing and dancing with the Torah, and behind that was a police car, helping out. Amazing...

I've developed a mild addiction to The Knot. I can recognize that it's an addiction, I know I should stop, but I just can't!! lol. Really it just means that I spend way too much time chatting with people on there and getting ideas for/thinking about our wedding. The real thing that keeps me in check in the time difference--imagine how bad I would be if I was always online at the same time as everyone!!! :)

I finally finished designing our Digital Invitations, we ordered the handful of print invites we need, and we're getting ready to send them out! We decided we're going to stagger sending them out so we can deal with RSVPs/questions/just saying hi emails better. We'll see how it goes!

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Well, after hours of phone calls & looking up places online, Marc found us a place to watch the Super Bowl! I made us a "terrible towel", we'll be consuming tons of coffee, and we'll try our best to last through the whole game (which starts at 1:30 am!!!!!)



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